Finance Your Future


Provided by the Florida Department of Financial Services

Finance Your Future is a fun, free and interactive way for middle and high school students to learn about responsible money management. Students learn about budgeting and saving; credit and debt; insurance; financial frauds and scams; and the costs associated with life events, such as financing continuing education and home buying.

Educators will love the built-in lesson assignment and assessment tools. Instructors simply create a free account to be able to assign lessons and generate an invite code to share with students, which enables teachers to track their students’ success. Create lessons based on core lesson areas and all topics or specific subtopics of those areas, such as “How to Build a Budget to Save You Money”, “Getting Out of Debt”, “Understanding Your Insurance Policy” and much more. Finance Your Future was built to satisfy Florida’s half-credit financial literacy graduation requirement, and each lesson aligns with specific Sunshine State Standards. The program is available at Instructor resources and information are available here.