FSCA Chapters

Any group of Association members residing or working within a particular area or region may apply for a Chapter charter, provided that the group consists of at least 10 FSCA members. Click here for a list of current Chapters and counties without Chapters.


  • FSCA supports its chapters and promotes chapter membership and activities.
  • FSCA includes state chapter delegates to the Delegate Assembly in accordance with Article IV, Delegate Assembly, of the FSCA By-Laws.
  • FSCA promotes chapter leadership communication through its website and listserv for chapter presidents/chairs, past presidents/chairs, and presidents-elect/assistant chairs.
  • FSCA chapter leadership may participate in any leadership development activities and may receive reduced fees at such workshops or conferences.
  • FSCA provides materials and resources for distribution to chapter members.
  • FSCA leaders provide professional development, keynote addresses and other presentations at local conferences, workshops or meetings at cost.
  • Chapters may host FSCA’s annual conference, LDI or other meetings.

Groups that desire to form a Chapter must submit a copy of the Chapter Application to the Committee Chair of Chapters for the Governing Board. An application considered by the Governing Board shall, upon acceptance, be submitted to the Delegate Assembly for final approval. The FSCA Governing Board must approve the applicant’s Bylaws, or other similar governance document, and shall make a recommendation concerning them to the Delegate Assembly. Such Bylaws or other similar document of a Chapter must not be in conflict with the FSCA Bylaws and any formal relationship mutually developed between the applicant and any other school counseling association or branch.

Chapters are granted to local or regional school counselor associations and FSCA will charter no more than one school counselor association per county or district.

For more information about forming a chapter, email the Governing Board Chair at chair@fla-schoolcounselor.org.